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Your 4 Generations

4 Generation Print • 19.75"x9" Bright White Archival Paper • Archival Pigmented Ink


• Below we will walk you through the five steps to order.

• You will be asked to upload your photos based on our Photo File Specifications


• At production completion you will receive an email alert. You will be asked to review and check the "APPROVAL TO PROCEED" check box or request a correction if necessary.

• Upon our receipt of your APPROVAL TO PROCEED we will print and deliver your project.  Multiple prints may be ordered at final check-out.



This print fits the Ikea's Ribba frame without their pre-cut matt, print size 19.75"x9" (custom matt recommended) or take your print(s) to your favorite local framer.



$89.95…………….1st print (Must meet Photo File Specs)

Bright White Archival Fine Art Paper • Archival Pigmented Ink




*Pricing for additional prints:

$29.95 each …………….1-10 prints

$19.95 each ……………..11 prints and above


Additional services (art production rate):

$75.00…………….Hourly Art Production Rate


*Multiple prints may be ordered at final check-out.

Just to be clear:

1. We design and produce the print(s).

2. You frame it.

Let us answer your questions before you start your project. Call us at:  801-828-7743

On your mark, get set, GO...


Gather your 4 images


Digitize your images by scanning or shooting with a digital camera. Upload your images in step six.

(required specs)


By uploading or sending your photos, you are stating that you are the sole author of the photos or you have obtained permission from the sole author or creator of the photos you are sending or uploading. Van Schelt Design, L.C. cannot be held liable for copyright infringement.  Van Schelt Design, L.C. reserves the right not to print photos we deem questionable and may require a written signed statement by the author of a particular photos(s) to proceed with your production

About your photos...

Submitting Form...

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This completes your initial order information. When you continue to #5, you will upload your images. NO SET UP FEE REQUIRED and please know that your information will be held private.

Photo File Specifications

Your digital files must meet the following specifications:

• File type: JPEG, Tiff, PSD

• Image size: 1500x1500 pixels

• Resolution 300 DPI  (minimum)

• Scan in RGB mode. Each image must be at least 6.5 mb per file

• Image head size should fill the dimensions of 5”x5” at a resolution of 300 DPI = 1500x1500 pixels (per image). We will determine the crop.

• All images will be converted to black and white unless indicated in special instructions.

• There are a number of websites available for transferring files.  Our preference is  WeTransfer.com which is free up to 2 GB.  Send to pvanschelt@gmail.com. We like this service but you are not limited to this option if you would  prefer another file transfer service.


IMPORTANT:  the final outcome of your project will only be as good as your scans. If you send us blurry images we will end up with blurry images, even though we will make an effort to improve your images if possible.  We will not go to print until you have seen a proof and authorize us to continue to print. If your files do not meet the above specifications you will be notified.  More information on image sizing can be found here.

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Upon completion of our art production process, we will send you an email and direct you to a private web page where you can proof your project.  “APPROVAL TO PROCEED” will require you to check a box and enter your name or check the “MAKE CHANGES” check box and enter your instructions.  Upon “APPROVAL TO PROCEED”, we will process your payment and your project will be sent to your stated shipping address.



Custom Projects

Contact us if you have a custom project you would like us to give you a quote for.  We are veterans of 30 years in the business of design and art production and would love to help you with your  personal project.




$89.95…………….Set up and 1 print (must meet "Photo File Specifications" to qualify)

$75.00…………….Hourly Art Production Rate (see "Digitally Shy")


Pricing for additional prints (transacted at final check-out):

$29.95 each …………….1-10 prints

$19.95 each  ……………..11 prints and above (after the first 10 at $29.95)